Wizards Unite Is Planning A 24 Hour

Pokemon Go is not the only game that plays home content. Harry Potter Wizards Unite has just announced an upcoming Community Day Style event designed for players to be comfortable in their homes. Harry Potter fans are sure to enjoy a new wizard problem, mixed with familiar characters and magical moments. The mobile Harry Potter title has gained tremendous popularity since launch. Just as with his Pok√©mon brother, the effects of the global pandemic triggered the community-oriented mobile title fight. The developers hope to increase the participation of players by giving them the title of security of their homes. The Burrow seems to be in the midst of the latest wave of disastrous activities,Wizards Unite Is Planning A 24 Hour Communty Day Event Designed To Be Played From Home, Travel Back To The Burrow With The Weasleys Read more about this and everything that appears here this month! https://t.co/BiilGeQm9F #WizardsUnite pic.twitter.com/EHmJDzBYzB – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (@HPWizardsUnite) April 3, 2020 In this emerging community, day players return to the Burrow, where Calamity’s latest wave of activity caused an avalanche of Foundables related to the Weasley family. Magicians and witches are called into action to prevent the chaotic spread of the Foundables and rectify things. You may remember from the books and the movies that the Weasly home was a humble home full of cozy and loving moments. It also served as the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix during World War II.