The World Of Warcraft Community Seems Wary About Balancing

Recently, Blizzard revealed a little more information about the Covenants in the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands. These covenants will contain powerful signature capabilities, as well as some capabilities, depending on your class. The thing is: these capabilities are powerful – it’s worrying. Fans of the title are currently worried that Blizzard will consider the balance of abilities and focus more on giving players something tasty, but that doesn’t seem to be of interest. The World of Warcraft subreddit was buzzing after the revelations, and everyone was making theories about powerful PvE builds based on which covenant they chose to jump into. However, many fans were not happy with the way the skills work.The World Of Warcraft Community Seems Wary About Balancing The Powerful Covenants In The Upcoming Shadowlands ExpansionCurrently, players hope that Blizzard will adapt these systems to make the skills more adaptable. Although it is possible to switch, it is expensive, and will not be something that people want to do repeatedly. On the other hand, blizzard will worsen these skills after choosing players, probably even worse, as players are suddenly forced to switch to the now stronger options. One player discussed that power should not be connected to the Covenants at all, and that they should be reserved for cosmetics and lore. They say (correctly) that the majority of people will choose the covenant that offers them the best advantage and capabilities mathematically from a min-max perspective rather than choosing one for the sake of the covenant itself.