The Lurking Fear Has Been Released

Abylight Studios has announced that its 3D puzzle adventure game, Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear, is now available on multiple Apple devices. You can enjoy their title on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Among the different platforms, the most unexpected is the ability to play the game on your Apple Watch, save it to iOS iCloud, and then play on an entirely different platform.

The ability to easily transfer your backup from one device to another and play it on such a small screen shows real ingenuity in the design and functionality of the game. The entire game can be controlled with one finger, creating a all new gaming experience. This is a strange level of innovation because the simplicity makes the game convenient to play even on your Apple Watch.

Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear puts you in the shoes of investigator H. Joyce as you explore a mansion deep in the swamp of shops. The game combines atmospheric horror with puzzles and mysteries, all inspiring
Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear Has Been Released On The Most Unusual Platforms, This 3D Puzzle Game Makes Its Home On Several Different Apple Devices
of the famous HP Lovecraft.

In this game, you will be able to discover the worship, the legends and the lost realities which exist at the borders of the human spirit. With simple and intuitive control schemes and haptic vibrations, the game is easy to progress and physically immersive. Players will appreciate the surround sound options in the title mixed with high-quality graphics and real-time lights and shadows, creating a disturbing and disturbing atmosphere.

The game even offers the possibility of unlocking nine integrated achievements, regardless of the device on which you play it. It comes with full language support and can be read on any iPhone with iOS 13 or newer.