Monica Gets Honest And Raw While Explaining

The talented singer and songwriter who is currently promoting her next album, Chapter 38, recently interviewed by ESSENCE and had this to say about the breakup: “I’m not ashamed of what’s going on in my life. I think because I still have so much love and respect, even for Shannon, that there are certain things that are simply not to be discussed. We don’t have to be together to respect each other. We don’t have to be together to lift each other up and make sure my kids always see that Monica Gets Honest And Raw While Explaining How Tiny Harris And Toya Wright Are Helping Her Heal After This Painful Eventmom is looking forward to having your relationship [with dad] forever and ever. All I Can Monica, who is a member of the VH1 reality TV cast, TI & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, said that she tried to control the narrative and failed: “I was very adamant [at about not filming my diM But i never want people to merge the two. You see, I am very offended, even with the idea that it is for a scenario. This is not how I ride, and it never has been. But that is not enough sensationalism for many places. They want something else. They want drama. Monica congratulated Tiny and Toya for helping her heal and added, “These women are really my friends. We are trying to protect ourselves. Tiny and Toya have gone through a lot. These are all people who have experienced what I am going through. So you take it one day at a time. But when it comes to what you share with