Kenya Moore’s Fans Warn Her About

Kenya Moore shared a photo from one of her ski trips and her fan loved that she was so adventurous. Check out the photo, which impressed many of his followers below.

‘#TBT black diamond someone? #blackskiclub #ski, ‘Kenya captioned his message.

Someone said, “I love Kenya Moore, stay strong and beautiful,” and a subscriber posted this, “This is why I love you. You are the most adventurous

One fan said, ‘UHHHH… NOPE on the black diamond. I have to start on the children’s slopes !!! ‘and someone else raised Marc Daly and posted,’ Marc is a terrible example for black men. Empty it, queen. Kenya Moore’s Fans Warn Her About Marc Daly: ‘Do Some Research On Narcissistic Husbands And Abuse’

A fan said in Kenya: “ I don’t know what they would do without you !!! I can’t stop talking about you. They are discreet fans!

Someone else again had a piece of advice for Kenya regarding marc: “Please research narcissistic husbands and narcissistic abuse.” If you can identify strongly with the signs and scenarios of narcissistic abuse, please go out … if not for yourself than for your beautiful little daughter … Be blessed!

One of the Kenyan followers congratulated her and said, “I love this strong and resilient black woman @thekenyamoore”, and someone else posted this: “I love it! girl why don’t you defend yourself against the moose, she dragged you all week on social networks!

Someone else said, ‘@thekenyamoore how are you ?! Stay strong and take care of yourself. You now have a daughter who depends on you. Take care of yourself