How Interior Designers Hang Tapestries

If you just bought wall tapestries for home decor, you may recognize how complicated and troublesome it can be to hang a wall tapestry properly. Unlike displays or a framed print, hanging art tapestries can be very laborious to get it perfect. As luck would have it, there are some skillful practiced tips and tricks that you can observe to make your interior decorating look as proficient as it can.

First, consider what home decor wall accessories you would like to have to arrange your wall hangings. The most secure way is applying a discount tapestry rod. Contemporary art wall tapestry rods are usually chosen over curtain rods because the artistic tapestry hanging rods are more solid and will not bend in the middle. When looking for a rod, search for one that has simple to use brackets. Make sure that your brackets will extend your tapestry wall hanging away from the wall at the very least 1 to 2 inches. This will keep the air circulating behind your tapestry for your wall decor, so moisture will not become amassed and harm the fabric. Shop around for a tapestry rod with an aged finish-it will add panache and distinction to your European home wall décor.  If you have any type of concerns regarding where and the best ways to use TapestryShopping, you can call us at our page.

Second, study your room. Where should you frame up the wall tapestry? How much space should you save around the woven wall tapestry? Here are some expert rationales that can assist.

If you have a tall and tight perpendicular tapestry wall hanging Portiere tapestries, you ought display it on a wall that is thin and long, but be sure there is abundant area bordering it to head off the wall from looking like its crowded. This will counter the tapestry from looking like its little and petty.

If you have an enormous wall tapestry, it would be best to feature it on a wall where it can be seen prominently. You don’t want to smother the grandeur or lead astray a visitor’s gaze with further art. Huge tapestry wall hangings can transform your abode into a castle, treat them with admiration and respect.

Maybe you bought two smaller tapestries, but only have one rod-never fear, you can make this work. You can place two tall and narrow tapestries adjacent to each other on a lone tapestry wall hanging rod, just remember to have a minimum of 3 to 6 inches in between them to get the impression of separation. Please note that this will work only with tall and thin tapestries like our Art Nouveau While You Were Out Set. Anything larger than than this will definitely look congested and inelegant, so try your best to measure everything out the right way.

You might need a different rod if your tapestry is really sizable and hefty or if your wall hanging is unlined and light. For big wall tapestries for wall decor, you had better think about a wall tapestry rod that is a minimum one half inch thick. This will impede the rod from changing form in the center. If you picked up a chenille wall tapestry, you may need to examine either a slender rod or a rod made of wood instead of metal. If the rod is too immense in relation to the tapestry wall hanging, it will look imperious and unfitting.


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