How Fair Is Fair-Trade Clothing

With many clothing that you buy you are not entirely sure how it is made or how it reached the shop that you bought it from. For many years there are big companies that take over the clothing industry which results in far off countries such as India not being rewarded for the effort they put into making the clothes. This seems to have become the norm for the clothing industry because it can be done so cheaply.

Big clothing stores are able to sell their clothes for cheap by cutting costs elsewhere. They can get the material they use to make the clothes from people who are desperate and will sell their cotton for cheaper and also by cutting the costs of the workers who actually make the clothing. If you knew all this was going on would it change the way you shop or who you buy your clothes from? It’s a very sad fact that this does go on and that the majority of workers out there are being exploited by working such long hours for not much pay at all.

From time to time the awful problems that come with the clothes industry are shown to the public through awareness campaigns. TV documentaries will show what is going on and name and shame a company that is doing wrong. The problem that comes with this is that people obviously will go off this company and therefore stop buying from them for a while. The company may lose out on a few sales which may not mean much to them but still those workers are being affected. The little that they do earn will be even less. In case you loved this short article and you would love to receive more details about Fair Trade Clothing assure visit the web page.

Fair-trade is here to stop these workers being exploited and makes sure that they get an appropriate wage,. Although there help doesn’t stop here, it ensure to helps improve the resources and general living conditions of all workers by providing things we take for granted such as adequate housing, clean running water as well as other help in their communities.

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