Demo Now Available For Utopia Games’ Sci-Fi Horror Game Utopia Syndrome

Utopia Games has its first demo on Steam for Utopia Syndrome, an upcoming sci-fi horror game. The game is a series of short stories with various horror themes. The first part of the multi-story project is called Wake Up.

In Wake Up, the protagonist, Anhel, wakes up inside a dark prison cell without knowing how he got there or why he was captured. Anhel spots a broken mirror and looks to see if he is injured. Anhel is shocked when he sees his disfigured face and he doesn’t know how it happened. The only thing Anhel knows is his name. Inside the prison cell, Anhel finds a note written by a girl named Mia. The note warns anyone who reads it that evil is tracking down the halls of the bunker.Demo Now Available For Utopia Games’ Sci-Fi Horror Game Utopia Syndrome.

Anhel must find a way to escape from the cell, which only leads him to the deepest part of the bunker. Around him are the remains of a massacre, but no body is left. As Anhel ventures around the bunker, he begins to have visions. With these visions and the messages left in the bunker, Anhel must assemble the pieces to learn what happened.