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Places like the Silverwastes can be absolutely dreadful for the gamer with no time. Balancing work and a grand game like Guild Wars 2 is a difficult thing to pull off. The faster yet more expensive way to farm for GW2 Gold is to purchase gems with real money and sell them in-game at fixed prices. There are a few well known locations in the game where people can get GW2 gold, wherein one popular way is to farm crafting or cooking materials. Spawn locations for orichalcum ore, ancient wood, omnomberry, and other popular materials can often be camped, AND they constantly change, so you can never find a particular location and rely on it. This is one element that makes crafting camping tricky. But still, even in dungeons charged lodestones can be farmed easily in Malchor’s Leap and the Cursed Shore. Skale and Young Karka farming has also been a popular method resulting in about 2 GW2 gold per hour. Not impressive, but if you have the time, there you go. There are sharp fang faming for G2s in the Iron Marches, and Mature Herbs farming in the Bloodtide coast. Engraved Totems and Heavy bones can be found in Timberline Falls off of Jotun and Grawl camps. While this is the “legit” way to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, it can be unfair at times due to the quickly fluctuating rates of gems. What you get for them now may not be the same amount in the near future. In fact, most of the time, a lot of the exchange rates for currency from real money is so skewed in favor of ArenaNet that you are not getting your money’s worth.



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