Build Up Blog

It would be nice if you could launch your brand new blog, create some really great posts, get recognized by Google and all of a sudden begin seeing a nice stream of traffic from Google search.

Unfortunately, it hardly ever works out that way. SEO will only get you so far. Plus, a lot of SEO depends on social proof of backlink and social shares, none of which you have when you’re first starting out.

So, unless you are just one lucky human being, reality is that you will build your blog and nobody will come.

Building a blog today would be similar to building a tiny log cabin in the middle of the vast expanse of the Montana forest. Nobody knows you’re even back there. Perhaps a stray hiker might run across your little cabin, but that would just be luck. Plus, unlike the reality of a hiker coming across your little cabin, your random web visitor thinks nothing of it and will just pass right on through and not ever return.