There are many reasons why you would want to convert a Microsoft word file to pdf format. Pdf files are hard to alter and they are independent of the applications used to create them. This means you can open them on various operating systems provided you have a pdf launcher. If you are looking for a word to pdf converter that will work, there are a few options to consider.

Here is a look at three main ways to convert word to pdf.

  • Third-party converter software

You can free word to pdf converters on the internet. These are third-party software applications and come in various forms including those that run on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone among other platforms. Finding free download converters is not a problem.

However, not all converters you come across are reliable. Some produce low-quality results while others take forever to convert short paragraphs. It is important to carefully review and compare the offers before downloading any word to pdf converter. Look through reviews, user ratings and features. Once you find a reliable converter, install and launch it on your device. Most applications have simple interfaces that you can follow to open and convert word files to pdf.

  • What about an online word to pdf converters?

It is possible to convert word files to pdf online https://www.altoconvertwordtopdf.com without installing any software. The benefits range from high-speed conversion to convenience and reliability since such platforms are regularly updated with new features. Nonetheless, you still have to review and compare existing websites before trusting one. Some may be scams that will plagiarize your content and post them in other pages.

Once you find a reliable trustworthy site, you will be allowed to either type or upload word files to be converted. The interface should be simple enough to follow and converted files are often available for downloading and sharing.

  • Microsoft Office Word Converter (can you convert word to pdf using MS Word?)

MS Office applications are often underutilized and most people are not aware you can use Word to convert files into pdf formats.

The process is quite simple and involves the following:

  1. Open the word document – simply open the word file you want to convert. Once opened, click on the Microsoft Office button located at the top left section of the window.
  2. Save as pdf – From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Save As and then choose PDFor XPS option. Type in the filename and select pdf format in the Save as type box file.
  3. Publish and launch the pdf – to launch the pdf file after conversion, click on the open file after publishing and then publish to convert word to pdf.


Although there are three ways you can convert word files to pdf, having reliable third-party converters is considered the most efficient option. You can find a word to pdf converter free download online including options for PC and smartphone.

Online converters ideal when working online, but you cannot use them offline or where there is no internet connection. MS Word also has various limitations and may not sufficiently convert your file to high-quality pdf. If you want the best result, you may consider the paid word to pdf converters.

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